Record Keeping

- Store Data for each animal in your herd. The extent of data stored depends entirely on your needs.
Multiple features are stored.
- User Friendly Data interface.
- Manage individual, or multiple records at a time.
- Enter only the data required by yourself. All data fields need not be completed.
- Database designed to enable easy: Searching, Sorting, Inserting, Deleting, Updating of records.
- Backup - Restore data.
Your data is valuable. We recommend you regulary backup your data.


- Store Photos of each animal.
- Manage these photos with a photo organiser.


- Manage breeding of animals individually or in groups.
- Use the breed Wizard when breeding groups of animals.
- Breed animals Naturally, using Artificial insemination or Embryo transfer.
- Predict expected dates of calving.
- Store pregnancy status - palpation information.
- Semen / Embryo bank.


- Meets SA Studbook's requirments for electronic transfer of data.
- Meets the IRIS recording requirements of all the South African Beef Breeding Societies.
- Imports Beef Data from the Logix interface.
We highly recommend that you register as a Logix user.
- Software can be used independantly of SA Studbook and the ARC


- Multiple Reports
- Powerfull Reporting tool for the advanced user - create your own reports.
- Multiple Graphs


- Store commonly used medications and dosing information.
- Medicate wizard allows you to medicate large numbers of animals at a time.

Estimated Breeding Values EBV's

- Download and import your official breeding values from Logix, as calculated by the ARC.
This is applicable to users that are partaking in the National Beef Testing Scheme of the ARC.
- Calculate EBV's
- Use the EBV-Manager to predict breeding values for individual matings, aswell as inbreeding.
EBV Mating Wizard for large groups of animals.
- Graphical display of breeding values.
- Calculate inbreeding, for all animals in the herd.

Herd Manager

- Manage animal movements using the herd manager.

Pocket PC Mobile version

- Synchronise with your Pocket PC, and take your data with you, adding versatility yet to be matched.

Farming activities

- Year planner - graphical display of all your activities envisaged for the year.
This way you can plan way ahead.
- Manage Dipping, Dosing and Animal events, such as Dehorning, Castration, Immunisation, Medication etc to name a few.
- Store notes for each animal.


- Easily toggle between English and Afrikaans.


- Set up your own preferences for default values, locations, rainfall zones, breeding values to name a few.


- Multiple Wizards have been developed to manage the stroring of data for large groups of animals at a time.
- Breed wizard.
- Medicate wizard.
- Weigh wizard.
- EBV wizard.

National Beef Testing Scheme

- Generate weigh date reports for the ARC.
- Electronically send National Beef Test Improvement Data to the ARC
- Import the processed National Beef Test Data.

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Did you know!

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