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SupaStud e-mails

Postby Seringa » Sun Feb 17, 2008 12:53 pm

When I create an e-mail in SupaStud it is either not sending or I cannot find it in Outlook, what must I do to fix this?
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Re: SupaStud e-mails

Postby wreyford » Mon Feb 18, 2008 10:20 pm

Hi Seringa

If you are using more than one Email Client, it may be that SupaStud is using the default mail client as defined by mapi32.dll.
This typically happens when you have Outlook Express and Office Outlook installed on your PC.

Outlook express is installed by default when you install Windows.
You may be using Outlook as your preferred email client, but Windows still thinks that Outlook Express is the default email client.

You can open Outlook Express and you will most likely find the Birth notification that you created from SupaStud, in the outbox.
To prevent this from happening, set Outlook to your default mail client by following the following instructions:
Setting the Default Email Client on Windows
To set the default email client on Windows, go to the Start Menu, choose Control Panel and Internet Options.
The Windows Internet Options are also available from Internet Explorer, by going to Tools > Options, and selecting the Programs tab.

Tip: Depending on your Windows settings, the Control Panel may not expand, but instead open the Control Panel window.
If this is the case, simply double-click the Internet Options icon.

Selecting an Email Program as Windows' Default Email Client
The common Internet program types (including email applications) are listed on the Programs Tab of the Internet Properties window/dialog.
Under E-mail, all email programs recognised as such by Windows will be listed: Outlook 2003 will be among these if it is installed on your computer.
Select Outlook 2003 from the E-mail drop-down, and click OK to validate your choice.

Tip: Configuring Windows' default email application can also be done from Internet Explorer's Options dialog. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Options, and click the Programs tab.
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