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Difficulty Downloading in Rural areas:

We are aware of your frustrations in the rural regions of South Africa. Due to poor line quality, and distances from modern exchanges, the internet land line quality is at most poor. Downloading large files can be a problem, as your connection is often dropped (Due to poor line quality). This is not due to our servers, that are of the best in the world, and are hosted in the United States.
We suggest you try downloading software off the internet to assist you in downloading large files. These software will allow you to restart the download several times, and each time it will resume the download where you last left off. There are several versions available, most are shareware, and allow you to do a few downloads before registration is required. This way they can be used for a while without having to register them.
The downside of this solution, is that these files often in their own right are large files. Thus you may have difficulty downloading them as well.

As an alternative, fax a request through to our offices at (015) 2915919, requesting us to send you the latest version on a CD, and include your postal address and contact numbers, and we will forward a CD in the mail. You can also email such a request or ask for a CD telephonically Follow the link for our contact details.

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