Version 3.7

Released 2008-02-18
- Improved Age Distribution Report.
- Problem of Importing of 1/3/5 Generation Data where critical fields contain Empty data fixed. Improved handling of errors.
- Data can now be exported in 1/3/5 Generation format, for use by other breeders, eg. when selling animals. This data can then be imported into SupaStud by other users of SupaStud.
- Improved Photo Organiser
- Toggle printing of Photos in Certificate report.
- Animals can now be sorted on the Right panel of the Herd Manager.
- Management Groups added for further control over animal groupings. These groups can be created by the end user. Any number of groups can be created.
- Improved handling of valid Section - Subsections for the different cattle breeds.
- Many of the reports have been improved, based on user inputs.
- Reports can now also group animals based on Management groups.
- On the BLUP tab of Animal Info, clicking on the EBV-graph will give an enlarged display for easier reading.
- Added Management Group Report.
- Reports can now be emailed from within the report module.
- Multiple minor fixes.
- Upgraded to Firebird 2.0.3.

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Cool feature!

This version now includes another feature, soon to be copied by all the other software houses. You can now predict mating EBV's with a graphical display of the results. Inbreeding for the mating is also calculated. If you intend breeding a number of bulls with a number of cows, you can use the EBV wizard to do a batch at a time. Thus you can predict the best breeding combinations for your circumstances.