Version Info

Version 5.2

Released 2013-02-23
- Logix Direct Functionalities added. (This will require a Logix Password and Username.)
- Download your Per Capita data directly from Logix Direct, and compare with your current animals in your herd.
- Upload Registration data Directly to Logix Direct.
- Upload Transfer / Cancellation data Directly to Logix Direct.
- Database upgrade for UTF8 charset unicode support.

Version 5.1

Released 2012-02-06
- Fixed default state of NFR and Castration fields.
- Minor changes to family tree layout.
- Minor changes to update module.
- Moved reports, backups, export files, log files etc to My Documents Folder for easier user interaction. See the About window for the exact path on your PC.

Version 5.0

Released 2011-08-24
- Error introduced with Version 4.8 addressed.
- In version 4.8 and 4.9 the importation of Logix (Studbook) data resulted in an error.
- This release fixes the problem.

Version 4.9

Released 2011-08-22
- Fixes an error in the Electronic Data Files, *.dat files introduced by Version 4.8, due to Unicode incompatibility issues.
- This resulted in incorrect generation of Transfer, Cancellation, Registration and Beef Test data in Version 4.8
- This update thus addresses a critical error.

Version 4.8

Released 2011-08-13
- Backup: More informative name for Backed up Database. Identifies herd in Multiple Herd setup.
- Increased display size from 1024 X 768 to 1280 X 800.
- Ability to Add & Edit the Disease Injury table.
- Improved Active Sires Window.
- Multiple Windows 7 Compatibility issues resolved.
- Issues with Windows Live Mail resolved.
- Added to the Herd Location Mover the ability to Select by Beef Test Code and Management Group.
- Catalogue reports can now be emailed.
- Database Migrated to Firebird 2.5.
- Registered Users may now request the registration of more than one Licensed herd, each with its own database, and you can now switch seamlessly between these at run-time without having to exit SupaStud.
- New Inbreeding Report.
- Layout of Animal Info Window changed for easier browsing of data.
- 'Injuries Diseases Tab' now separated from 'Other Tab'.
- Calculate Animal Stage for future use in Grazing Reports to determine Large Animal Units.
- Castrated animals are now marked as such.
- Many minor improvements.

Version 4.7

Released 2011-08-12
- Only released to beta testers.

Version 4.6

Released 2011-03-29
- Only released to beta testers.

Version 4.5

Released 2009-11-23
- Improved BLUP graph.
- Now you can rotate the BLUP graph for those who prefer reading it horizontally.
- Import yearly BLUP analysis as supplied by the ARC. See Help for more details.
- Improved Email integration when using Office 2003 and Vista.
- Minor fixes to SupaStud Mobile.

Version 4.4

Released 2009-09-29
- Better management of Progress Events.
- Tighter integration with SupaStudScale Mobile.
- Tighter integration with SupaStud Mobile.
- Weight graph now indicates ADG, as well as Weight.
- Many minor improvements.

Version 4.3

Released 2009-09-12
- Changes to Progress Events.
- Improvements to SupaStud Mobile.

Version 4.2

Released 2009-08-16
- Fixed problem with Medication Wizard.
- Syncs with new SupaStud Mobile Version 1.00Fh.

Version 4.1

Released 2009-08-08
- We can now import Weight data from the Bluetooth Wireless Scale ... SupaScale.
- Import and repair Stoetmeester data.
- Increased display size from 800 X 600 to 1024 X 768
- Further improvements to email functionality under Windows Vista.
- Electronic animal Transfers supported.
- Electronic animal Cancellations supported.
- Integration with SupaStudScale Mobile.
- Inbreed calculation will exit if data not correct, with warning to correct the animal at fault.
- SupaStud will now warn you one month ahead of time, if your License is due to lapse, to allow for timeous renewal.
- Improved handling of Diseases and Injuries.
- Performance report will now indicate best date for Weighing of animals.
- Improved handling of Medications used.
- Upgraded to Firebird 2.1.2.

Version 4.0

Released 2009-06-18
- Only released to beta testers.

Version 3.9

Released 2009-04-06
- Only released to beta testers. New Firebird support. Multiple minor changes throughout.

Version 3.8

Released 2008-06-02
- BLUP data added to Certificate Report.
- Email all reports - fixed issues with Win Vista.
- New Catalogue Report.
- Vast improvements to End User Reporting Module.
- Birth Registrations module – updated to indicate records previously processed.
- SupaStud Mobile 1.5 .. many new features supported.
- Update Sync module for new Pocket PC version 1.5 of SupaStud Mobile.
- New Tutorials added to Website.

Version 3.7

Released 2008-02-18
- Improved Age Distribution Report.
- Problem of Importing of 1/3/5 Generation Data where critical fields contain Empty data fixed. Improved handling of errors.
- Data can now be exported in 1/3/5 Generation format, for use by other breeders, eg. when selling animals. This data can then be imported into SupaStud by other users of SupaStud.
- Improved Photo Organiser
- Toggle printing of Photos in Certificate report.
- Animals can now be sorted on the Right panel of the Herd Manager.
- Management Groups added for further control over animal groupings. These groups can be created by the end user. Any number of groups can be created.
- Improved handling of valid Section - Subsections for the different cattle breeds.
- Many of the reports have been improved, based on user inputs.
- Reports can now also group animals based on Management groups.
- On the BLUP tab of Animal Info, clicking on the EBV-graph will give an enlarged display for easier reading.
- Added Management Group Report.
- Reports can now be emailed from within the report module.
- Multiple minor fixes.
- Upgraded to Firebird 2.0.3.

Version 3.6

Released 2007-07-21
- Windows Vista enabled.
- Certificate Report Now includes the Dam's reproductive info. (Can toggle on or off)
- Feed Type: Crop Residues, added as per protocol of the the National Beef Testing Scheme.
- EBV - Manager: Predict Mating EBV's individually, or in groups using a wizard. Inbreeding also calculated for the predicted matings.
- Graphical representation of EBV's.
- Rainfall Report improved - New Graph functionalities.
- Year planner improved.
- Data Maintenance - Utility to repair data for Pasture utilisation report, under menu option Diverse.
- Scalable forms .. Rainfall graphs, Year planner, and EBV - manager will proportionately enlarge to screen sizes larger than the default 800X600.
- Improved Pasture utilisation Report.
- Status Log when Importing data.

Version 3.5

Released 2007-05-15
- Special NAMPO release.

Version 3.4

Released 2007-01-21
- Updated Detail Report, Inspection Report, Calf Control Report and Location Report.
- Added filter between birth dates for electronic registration of new births.
- Added Automatic Calf Numbering.
- Added check for for impossible Days since last calving.
- Updated Help file. Registered users must apply for an updated version of the Pref.fdb before using this version.

Version 3.3

Released 2006-12-29
- Year Planner added. You can now graphically get an overview of the most important activities for the year.
- Pasture Utilisation report, will indicate the number of animals over a time period that have grazed specific locations.
- Rainfall graphs can be printed out.
- Multiple improvements to the Herd Manager.
- The number of Photos that can be stored for each animal, has been increased from 2 to unlimited (only limited by physical space on your computer's hard drive).
- Photo Organiser added. You can now arrange your photos, and add certain information to each photo.
- Graphical display of growth curves for A1-B2 weigh tests.
- A stable release of Firebird 2.0 has been released in November 2006. Your database will be upgraded from Firebird 1.5 to Firebird 2.0 when installing this newer version.
It is thus of paramount importance that you make a backup of your data before installing the newer version of SupaStud.
- Help file updated.
- Fixed error with calculation of ICP's for twin or triplet calvings.

Version 3.2

Released 2006-06-17
- Updated Test Tab in animal information module.
- Updated BLUP Tab in animal information module.
- Improved Animal Location Report.
- Import Phase C & D data supplied electronically.
- Registration Module added to expedite registration of SupaStud.
- Help file updated.

Version 3.1

Released 2006-05-09 (Special Nampo Release)
- Store Nr of Hectares for each Location (Pasture).
- New Animals by Location Report. This report lists all the animals grouped by their location.
- Restoring of older version Databases backed up using built in Backup module, will now bring them in line with latest database version.
- Extensive updates to Help file.

Version 3.0

Released 2006-04-17
- Backup & Restore Database added.
- Birth Notification Report revisited.
- It is now possible to Import Results of Performance Test Data generated by Logix (for Performance Tests submitted electronically).
- Help file updated.

Pocket PC Mobile version 1.2

- Added ability to edit New Births data.
- Improved syncronisation module for the Pocket PC Sync.

Version 2.9.1

Released 2006-03-21
- Calf Control Report added. View a list of calves that arrived over a set period of time.

Version 2.9

Released 2006-03-12
- Gestation Examination Report added. Use this report to prepare a datasheet for the person performing the Gestation examination (palpation).
- Dam insert button on birth notification tab enhanced to now allow for inserting of DAM and SIRE info, if breeding info has been stored, ie Natural, AI, or Embryo. Eg. If the Cow that has calved was bred using an Embryo transfer, the Sire and Dam info for the Embryo will then be inserted, and not the 'Surrogate' cows info.
- Help file updated.

Pocket PC Mobile version

- Some more field validation checks added to ensure valid data entered.

Version 2.8

Released 2006-02-06
- Pocket PC Mobile version of Supastud now bundled with Supastud. It runs on Pocket PC handheld computers, as a companion to Supastud. You can now enter data onto your Pocket PC in the veld, and update the database with new info added in the veld by synchronising with your desktop PC.
- Weigh wizard added to help enter both random weights, and weights for beef tests.
- Automatic updating of database to the current version, no longer requiring the end user to run scripts as was the method used before.
- Help file updated.

Version 2.7

Released 2005-10-31
- ICP Report Improved.
- Help file updated.

Version 2.6

Released 2005-10-25
- New report to manage upcoming Performance Beef Tests (Performance Calendar Report).
- Layout of Animal Information changed. Farmers animal number added.
- The Inbreed Coefficient for your herd can now be calculated, to help in your breeding decisions.
- Condition Score added to weigh data.
- Simdex now also calculated.
- It is now possible to Import registration numbers generated by Logix (for birth registrations done electronically).
- A medicate Wizard has been added to enable medicating of large numbers of animals at once..
- Store medications used on the farm in your database for easy reference, and use in the medicate Wizard.
- More search parameters added for Certificate Report.
- Support for Electronic Scales and Electronic tags added .. this will be an ongoing project as requests for different types of scales arise. Please forward examples of these data files for testing and incorporation, with make and model of scale to
- Newest version of Firebird now included in this build. Please stop the firebird engine before installing, and install over the older version if you have installed Supastud previously. This can be achieved from the Control Panel, in the Classic view.
- Changes made to database structure.
- Incompatible with older database versions.
- Registered users contact for script to update old database without loss of data. We recommend that you always backup your valuable data before running any scripts, or installing newer versions.

Version 2.5

Released 2005-09-19
- Contacts manager added.
- Store Palpation data, with estimated dates of calving.
- Powerfull end user Report Writer implemented. You now can design your own custom reports. Download the Report writing tutorial to learn how to use the report writer. Every report used in Supastud designed with this reporting tool.
- Fixed bug with refreshing of calculated values after a search has been performed.
- Logix data updated by Intergis2000 .. Import module updated to handle new data format.
- Supastud now supports electronic submission of National Beef Test Data. You no longer have to fill out these forms by hand. The electronic submission also minimises data entry errors.
- Changes made to database structure.
- Incompatible with older database versions.
- Registered users contact for script to update old database without loss of data. We recommend that you always backup your valuable data before running any scripts, or installing newer versions.

Version 2.1

Released 2005-08-10
- Wizard to Breed Naturally, by AI or Embryo Transfer.
- Embryo data stored.
- AI Straw data stored.
- Fixed bug with refresh of calculated values for ICPS on calf tab.
- Improved speed of loading Herd manager screen.
- Improved the Herd manager.
- Added colour as selection criteria for reports, requested by Angus breeders.
- Major update to the Help file - Getting started a must to read.
- Import Logix data, filters out errors (especially older logix data).
- Added ability to Import Location, and Status while importing Logix data.
- Improved handling of commercial cattle. %Makeup included.
- Fixed minor bug in the Detail report.
- Changes made to database structure.
- Incompatible with older database versions.
- Registered users contact for script to update old database without loss of data. We recommend that you always backup your valuable data before running any scripts, or installing newer versions.


Released 2005-07-07
- Changes made to database structure.
- Incompatible with older database versions.
- Registered users contact for script to update old database without loss of data. We recommend that you always backup your valuable data before running any scripts, or installing newer versions.

Version 2.0

Released 2005/07/02
- Major release as the entire program has been translated into Afrikaans.
- All reports are also in Afrikaans.
- The selection between English or Afrikaans is made by a menu selection.

Version 1.6

Released 2005-05-19
- Diary with ability to store events.
- New Breed Herd Selection Report.
- Print Certificates for each animal .. with Photo of animal, as well as list of Calves and 5 Generation Family tree.
- Improved many reporting aspects, including the ability to generate PDF reports.
- Reports can be saved to disk as *.PDF reports, and later opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
- Help file updated.

Version 1.5

Released 2005-04-03
- Birth Registrations now electronically enabled with Logix.
- Improved Reports.
- Help file updated.
- Store photos of each animal.

Version 1.1

First release 2004-12-30
- SupaStud oficially launched.

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